The various people of Tollan worship different gods that suit their own needs and cultures. Even the non-human races tend to have unique gods in different areas of the world. The exception to this being Dragons. To observers, dragons seem to have one unified pantheon across the whole world.

Are they Real?

There is actually a lot of debate among sages and theologists about the nature of the gods. The largest question is obvious, do they even exist? The existence of clerics and other divine spell casters points toward the existence of the gods. The fact that these priests can invoke power in the name of their god is seen (at least by the priests and clerics) as proof of the existence of their god.

There does tend to be issues when priests of the same faith find themselves on opposite sides of some issue. At that point, it should be clear what any given god has to say about the topic. Either one priest could become more powerful or one priest could lose their power. This doesn’t happen. This lack of ‘ruling’ from the gods of the world makes many question their existence in the first place.

Gods in the Game

For the purpose of the game, the gods of this world are just ideas. Any person with enough faith in something could draw power from that belief in the form of divine magic. There is a connection between multiple people with the same belief however. The more people with the same belief set, the more powerful magic that can be managed from that belief. This is how random cults are able to draw clerical magic from their ‘deity’ at any given time.

With the fact that the gods are not physical beings within the cosmos, there is some question about how spells that interact directly with a god would work. For the sake of ease, these spells function just like they are detailed in the game books. A character’s beliefs will make spells do whatever they think would be best. In other words, if the character thinks they should see their god, they will see their god. This is another thing that causes issues among individual faiths as a single god could appear differently to different people throughout the world.

The final implication of the way gods work in this world is fairly simple. The gods will never step in to save you from something. No matter how high your level, a god will never intervene on your behalf. This is pretty standard with the way I write my game worlds though so this probably doesn’t really come as a surprise to anybody.


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