Tollan is the region of the world that lies north of Nahuatl. This area includes the large island that contains Alania and Phyrexia as well as Keldjor on the mainland to the south. This area was the first to be conquered by the Draconic Empire. This area also spent longer under the rule of the Dragons than any other area.


Tollan is mostly temperate in its climate with the very southern edges being sub-tropical and the northern shores of Alania/Phyrexia being sub-arctic. Through the center of the region is a mountain range that is inhabited by various goblinoid and orcish tribes as well as the occasional dwarven stronghold.

Cities and Locations

This region is a largely civilized area that is dominated by the nations of Alania, Phyrexia and Keldjor. In spite of this, there are large areas that are unmanaged by these nations. The true extent of the nations is as far as their patrols can cover.


The nation of Alania is a nation that has had its history shaped by the Arkon Church. The nation has recently been engaged in a civil war with the church as the Queen Alana had to force the church to stand down when it tried to overthrow her rule when her father, King Alan IV passed. Shortly after this civil war turned against the church, an army from Phyrexia invaded and held parts of the northern region of the nation.


Phyrexia has existed as a counterpoint to Alania for most of its history. Where Alania has exalted Serra as their prime god, Phyrexia has followed Yawgmoth. The wars between the two nations have been ongoing with a new one breaking out every generation or so. The nation is ruled by various Evincars that have absolute authority over the lands they control. These Evincars are in turn subservient to the central church of Yawgmoth.


This city, which lies in the northern region of Phyrexia is notable as the landing point of the Draconic Armies. When this city, whose original name is lost, fell, the beginning of the Draconic Empire’s conquest of the planet began.


Keldjor lies on the main continent south of Phyrexia and Alania. This is a nation that is far less subject to the power of religion. They have held on to many of the practices of the Draconic Empire and have kept religion in a secondary role. The nation is instead a nation driven by capitalism. At the top of the nation’s hierarchy is the Great Houses. These ten houses have their hand in most every venture in one way or another. They make up the voting body of the nation’s Upper House.


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