The Fangs

The Fangs

The Fangs are a geographic region made up of five large islands to the west of Alania and Phyrexia. The islands extend from northeast to southwest in a more or less straight line. The area is dominated by dragons and those that worship/follow dragons. Each of the islands is named for the Elder Dragon that rules the island (or once ruled the island). This area was once the capital of the Draconic Empire. Few are allowed to approach the Fangs since the decline of the Empire.

Arcades Sabboth

This is the eastern most island of the chain. The island is temperate in climate. This island is named for the former ruler of the island,Arcades Sabboth , who was killed in the Last Rebellion. Since Sabboth’s death, nearly 600 years ago, the island has been the site of several battles between the remaining dragons attempting to assert control over the others in the area. So far none have emerged as being clearly stronger than the others. The other elder dragons have taken no interest in the struggle taking place on the island.

The primary naval base for the Navis Draconis rested on the southeastern shore of this island. During the time of the empire, ships were built here and there were always at least ten ships at dock or nearby. After Arcades Sabboth was killed, the other dragons living on the island began to war with each other for control of the island. None of the other elder dragons have attempted to step in and take control of the island even though they could likely take control of it easily. There are no regular patrols guarding this island as there are the other islands, but anybody coming here can expect to be caught up in the schemes of the dragons residing on the island.

Rumors say that the old shipyards of the Navis Draconis still stand somewhere along the shores of the island. The ships of the imperial navy were very strong ships that could not be matched by any other ships with the exception of the ships of the giants. Somebody finding the plans of these ships would be able to sell them at a high price.

Chromium Rhuell

The next island in the chain is named for its ruler Chromium Rhuell. This island has always been ‘closed’ to outsiders so very little information is available regarding its terrain and inhabitants

Nicol Bolas

The third island is named for its ruler Nicol Bolas, during the time of the empire, the primary administrative city was here. The city still exists but it has a number of empty buildings that are decaying from not being used. This island is one of the only islands that allows outsiders to come for trade. During the time of the empire, this island also held the council chamber of The Five.

As the center of the Vox Draconis and the administration of the entire Empire, this island was a very busy place throughout the life of the empire. The port was always busy with coming and going of various dignitaries. Currently the port is the only ‘open’ port on the fangs. Ships looking to trade or do any other activities not tied to the House of Bells must come here.

Palladia Mors

The fourth island is home to Palladia Mors and once held the training grounds for the elite units of the Draconic Army. The House of Bells still stands here and trains the most formidable generals in Ileose.

Vaevictis Asmadi

The final island is home to Vaevictis Asmadi. This island is covered in a dense jungle that few have dared enter.

Player Knowledge

The names of these islands and their leaders are pretty obviously based on the Elder Dragon Legends from Magic. I used some of the source material from the game that I could find to help me create these NPCs, but some of it was made up to make it fit what I needed for the world.

The Fangs

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