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The planet being detailed is called Ileose. A planet that, in many ways, is like our own. Feel free to edit, create and offer suggestions on anything you see or don’t see here.


This information is all setting material meant to describe the world as the people on it might perceive it. The information here is broken up into regions. These regions are of various sizes and tend to be made up along cultural lines as well as geographic lines.


This is not really a “region” but it is where to find information on events that would have impacted the entire planet.


This region is dominated by jungles. Prior to the coming of the Empire, this area was home to a Yuan-ti empire. The Empire shattered that empire and scattered its people. Now, only ruins of that empire remain deep in the jungle that is inhabited by the lizardfolk tribes. The primary themes in this region are based on Ancient Central America (Aztecs, Mayans, etc…).


This region is where you would find Alania, Phyrexia, and Keldjor. As the first area to be conquered and one of the last to free itself from the Empire, this area has retained little of its previous culture. Instead, many of the methods and culture of the Empire took root here and remain.

The Fangs

These islands were once the seat of the Empire. This place is still ruled by dragons and has little interaction with the rest of the world beyond a few small port towns. Rumor has it that at least a few of the former emperors still live somewhere on these islands.


This information is here to detail the “game” aspects of the world. Guidelines on character creation and such can be found here.

Main Page

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