Nicol Bolas



Nicol Bolas is known to have a very dry personality. He is to the point when discussing any issue and doesn’t care to have conversations that are any longer than necessary. As head of the Vox Draconis, Nicol Bolas was in charge of the administration of the empire. He often met with the regional leaders in person to help ensure their loyalty. Any shortfall in taxes from an area was found and often resulted in the very public removal of the leader in that area.


Like the other elder dragons, little is known about Nicol Bolas prior to the time of the empire. He is known to have ruled over his territory carefully only demanding tribute from those below him when necessary. He did however, punish any incursions into his territory ruthelessly. Once the empire rose, Nicol Bolas spent his time visiting the various territories and ensuring the the power structure in the various areas was operating efficiently. He rarely become entangled in any confrontations.

Nicol Bolas

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