Arcades Sabboth



Arcades Sabboth was known to be bit of a gambler. He loved games of chance and often took wreckless actions, somehow coming through his actions with little or no harm to himself. As head of the Navis Draconis, Sabboth directed those beneath him through his carefully selected admirals and captains. Once a course of action was determined, Sabboth was quick to find a plan of action to see the action completed.


Arcades Sabboth spent more time than any of the other elder dragons traveling the world even before the rise of the empire. He is believed to have spent a lot of time on various ocean going vessels in the form of whatever the native race he accompanied. When the Five came together to form the Empire, Sabboth demanded control of the Empire’s navy. Sabboth was most important during the beginning of the Empire when the navy engaged the ocean going giants of the south. Once the giants were brought into the empire, Sabboth was not required to actively engage in battle very often.

It wasn’t until the Last Rebellion that Sabboth’s wrecklessness truely caught up with him. The rebellion broke out in an important port city that the empire wished to keep control of in order to relaunch a campaign to hold the surrounding area. Hoping to put the rebellion down quickly, Sabboth himself entered the battle and was killed by the leader of the rebellion. This event was a crushing blow to the morale of the Draconic Army.

Arcades Sabboth

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