The Eye of the Sun


The party came into the town of Tooj-Reh where they met Siroo. Siroo sent the party to find out what was causing the light that could be seen in the distance. Siroo thought that the light was linked to the fires that had been breaking out in the area over the last several weeks.

Bridges were crossed, lizards were fought, and glass was shattered in epic fashion. While there wasn’t a “note” to explain the point of it all at the end of the adventure, there were some gold plates that detailed the adventure background below.

XP: 1,175/player

Adventure Background

The background for this adventure begins in the distant past, in a time before humans became the dominant inhabitants of the world. During this period, the lizardfolk were a widespread and capable people, particularly in the world’s jungles.

Time of the Sun

In these ancient days, Ssh’rik was the mightiest lizardfolk shaman of the Khud-Al Jungle. One day, he received a vision from his deity, Semuanya, directing him to raise a mighty temple. So the shaman taught his people how to cut stone and assemble it into sturdy walls, and together they crafted a temple worthy of their deity. They named the structure the Zigguarat of the Wrathful Sun.

Sumuanya was pleased, and he blessed his people. The lizardfolk’s population grew quickly, and they conquered lands near and far to build a mighty empire that stretched for hundreds of miles. The lizardfolk moved outward to settle their new lands, leaving only a few of the most devout worshippers to tend the temple of Semuanya.

The lizardfolk venerated the sun as an incarnation of their deity, and many symbols were made in its honor. Ssh’rik himself crafted a special representation of the sun in the very top of the ziggurat – a series of mirrors and lenses that magically trapped the sun’s rays and provided light even in th edead of the night. He called this device the eye of the sun, and its power was so great that it could focus the energy of the sun on a distant target and set it afire. Several of the abandoned lizardfolk villages near the temples were accidentally destroyed in just this manner.

Time of the Blackened Moon

As the lizardfolk’s empire grew, so did their pride. It is said that Semuanya grew angry at their pretensions and withdrew his blessing of the sun from the land, plunging it into unending darkness. Another temple, called the Temple of the Blackened Moon, was constructed beside the first, and magic items were created there to preserve the light as the eye of the sun dimmed, then finally darkened for good. But the efforts were for naught. The cold-blooded lizardfolk, so dependent on the warmth of the sun for energy, eventually had to withdraw into a state of torpor.

The slaves that the lizardfolk had taken from the conquered lands rose up in rebellion and slew all of their former masters that they could find. Ssh’rik too fell in this revolt, but the eye of the sun remained safe, since the primitive slaves could not figure out how to get inside its secret room at the top of the temle to destroy it. In short order, the empire was gone. The few remaining lizardfolk withdrew into the forest to wait for the return of the sun.


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